Deer and elk are beautiful to look at, but they can really destroy your beautiful landscape vegetation.  Most elk and deer can jump over 6' tall wire, therefore the industry offers a 6-1/2' tall and an 8' tall game fence product.  The 6 1/2' tall poduct is usually accompanied with an additional one or two strands of barbed wire on top, for a 7' overall fence. 

This product is installed using wood posts for braces and t-post for line posts.  However, you can use all wood posts or perhaps t-post with every 4th or 5th post in wood.  Our gates for this product are custom made with the same wire on them.  This product is very unobtrusive to your view if located on your boundary lines.

In addition to the basic game fence wire, England Fence also provides a welded iron fence - rusty picket - that will add a little more design and decoration than the game fence product, which also has 7' or 8' heights with gates to match.

Colorado is a "fence out state".  Therefore if you have problems with your neighbors live stock, you are required to fence them out of your yard, they are not required to fence them in.  A simple fence using barbwire, field fence or a non-climb horse wire product in 4' tall or less will do the trick.  For horses we recommend a ' tall fence with metal posts.

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