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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need a permit to install a fence?

A: Many towns and counties require a permit, so please check with your local zoning and planning department and your HOA.


Q: Are there any restrictions on fence styles and heights?

A:  Yes, if you are in an HOA you must check with them for their requirements.  Most cities have a height restriction of 6' in the city limits.  In Montrose, there is a restriction for houses on corner lots.  Those homes can not have a fence higher than 4' within 25' of the corner. 


Q: Can I make a change to the project once work has begun?

A: It depends on the type of change and when the request occurs, but typically you can do this. (Please note that such changes can impact the cost).


Q:  How deep are the post set?

A:  All post are set at 2' deep or more depending on the height of the fence.  2' is acceptable up to 6'tall.  Fences taller than that will have the post set deeper depending on the application of the fence. (I.e. a backstop that is 12' to 15' tall, those post can be up to 4' deep).


Q:  Should I use concrete or dirt to set post?

A:  If you hire our installers, we will use concrete to set all post, even wooden ones.  Some debate that concrete on wood post causes them to rot or break off quicker, however we have not found that to be true.  The main reason for concrete is to keep the fence from moving over the years.  If a horse or cow leans up against it or a deer jumps it and hits the top rail, they can cause it to lean over.

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